First Day Covers

When the post office issues a new stamp it is most often designated a release on a specific date and in a specific city. Collectors place the new stamp on an envelope, have it cancelled in that city on that date and add artwork (cachet) that relates somehow to the topic. We carry the country's largest inventory of fine and rare first day covers as early as 1901. We specialize in cachets of scarcer production numbers and do not stock large houses such as Fleetwood, ArtCraft, House of Farnam, Ioor, Grimsland, Artmaster, Colorano and Readers Digest to name a few. You will find covers by Dorothy Knapp, Staehle, Weigand, Crosby, Adler, Enriques, Adler, Fluegel and hundreds of other fine artists in our inventory. We have purchased some of the most important collections to come to market in the past several years and are always looking for better first day cover collections.

1949 Wright Brothers Hand Drawn & Paste-on First Day Cover

Hand folded envelope with a paste on picture of the Wright Flyer tied by Kitty Hawk, NC December 17, 1949 First Day of Issue Cancel.  Likely unique and beautifully done.

$ 150

1949 UPU Airmail First Day Cover Hand Painted by Cairo Sturgill

This famous artist of WWII patriotics rarely produced first day covers and this is the first of this design we have seen.

$ 250

1947 Airmail Issue Combination First Day Cover Hand Painted by Stawuszewski

The first of this design we’ve seen by Walter Stawuszewski.  Known primarily for his WWII patriotics he seldom produced First Day Covers.  Stunning and possibly unique.


#210 First Day Cover Bloomingdale NJ

$ 1500

Flight Covers

Aerophilately is the study of airmail. This includes postal history, the actual commercial use of air transportation to deliver the mail and philatelic airmail covers. Philatelic covers are covers made for collectors. The first airmail flight from Chicago to St Louis by Lindbergh was announced and collectors rushed to have a cover flown on this first flight. This is just one of tens of thousands of examples of a first flight cover. We carry CAMs, FAMs, Lindbergh, Government Flights, Pioneer Flights, Historical, Trans-oceanic, PAA Clipper, U.S. Airships and Zeppelin Flights, and many more. Famous for our quality flight covers, we have the largest inventory of Lindbergh material anywhere.

Charles Lindbergh Flown and Autographed CAM2 Test Flight


Amelia Earhart Flown and Autographed Amphibian Flight


C13-15 Zeppelin First Day Cover Flown Around the World


Postal History

Simply put, postal history is anything that has been through the mail with or without its content. This mail offers us a glimpse at our past and there's something for everyone to identify with. It could be a letter from a descendant or place that means something to you. It could be an advertising cover from a business your family owned or topic that interests you like oyster farming or businesses from New Orleans or other city or state that has meaning to you. There's as many topics as there are people interested in collecting this vast collectible category. Our inventory contains dozens of different types of postal history. State postal history, advertising covers, foreign destinations, scarce usages of stamps on cover, stampless covers, airmail, exposition, fancy cancels and many others. As none of these were specifically made for collectors, some of it can be scarce and hard to find. We pay high prices for this material and are always looking to buy more.

Wells Fargo Express San Jose CA U27

$ 195

House’s Printing Telegraph Washington DC

$ 700
Tiltons Initial Stationery and Box Company Advertising Cover Boston MA

Tilton & Company Boston Advertising Cover

#65 Tied by Boston MA fancy cork cancel. All over beautiful red design advertising fancy boxes. Very fine.

$ 500

Wells Fargo Pony Express Virginia City NT


1850 Hawaii Straight-line

$ 24500

Albany NY Weekly “The Country Gentleman” – Rebacked

$ 95

Registered Clinton IA to Hartung 1872

$ 225

92 Pr Charlottesville VA Albemarle Insurance

$ 475

APO Trinidad – Puerto Rico – PA 1942 Censored Twice

$ 150

28, 33-33-32 on 1858 Prussian Closed Mail


Postal Stationery

A piece of postal stationery is a stationery item, such as a stamped envelope, letter sheet, postal card, lettercard, aerogram or wrapper, with animprinted stamp or inscription indicating that a specific rate of postage or related service has been prepaid. These are still sold at the post office today and the first were issued in the 1850s. We carry postal cards, postal envelope entires and lettersheets. We currently do not stock cut squares which are postal envelopes that have been cut only to include the imprinted stamp. Our stock is arranged by UPSS number and priced accordingly. We welcome your want lists and are happy to provide mail order service.

UX11 Grant Postal Card

Striking printers waste government issued postal card.

$ 350

Postage Stamp Centenary Revalued Postal Envelope

Very fine and one of the keys to a complete airmail stationery collection.


First Official Mail Postal Card Used 1914

Sharp corners and very fine.  Bedford IN Oct 1, 1914.

$ 500

U.S. Stamps

We carry better U.S. Stamps.  Typically $30-50 is the bottom of our range at this time.  We are always looking to buy U.S. and Worldwide stamp collections of any quality and quantity.

39 Used w/PF Cert. Repairs. Only 5 known sound used examples.


261A Unused O.G. w/ PF Cert

$ 2000

78c w/2 PSE Certs – Scarce

$ 10000

World War II Patriotics

From Lawrence Sherman's book "United States Patriotic Envelopes of World War II": "Wartime envelope art allowed mailers to add a public message inside, uniting sender and receiver. These patriotic envelopes powerfully evoke the war as seen through American eyes. Their images show us directly how Americans experienced the war, reacted to it, and imagined it from the war's beginning in September 1939 to its end in Sept 1945. This is a wonderful book filled with reference for over 11,000 of these covers. We currently have about 1000 scarcer cachets in our inventory, many hand painted. Knapp, Adler, Linto, Sayama, Fluegel and Staehle are among our best selling and most famous artists in stock.

Dorothy Knapp hand drawn & hand painted.


Dorothy Knapp hand drawn & hand painted.

$ 275

Dorothy Knapp hand drawn & hand painted.

$ 275