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When the post office issues a new stamp it is most often designated a release on a specific date and in a specific city. Collectors place the new stamp on an envelope, have it cancelled in that city on that date and add artwork (cachet) that relates somehow to the topic. We carry the country’s largest inventory of fine and rare first day covers as early as 1901. We specialize in cachets of scarcer production numbers and do not stock large houses such as Fleetwood, ArtCraft, House of Farnam, Ioor, Grimsland, Artmaster, Colorano and Readers Digest to name a few. You will find covers by Dorothy Knapp, Staehle, Weigand, Crosby, Adler, Enriques, Adler, Fluegel and hundreds of other fine artists in our inventory. We have purchased some of the most important collections to come to market in the past several years and are always looking for better first day cover collections.

Collect First Day Covers Issued On Your Birthday

Miriam and I both have stamps that where issued on the day we were born. Miriam was born 4/29/64 and collects every cachet of the John Muir issue. She’s been at it for years and has a really nice collection and enjoys the hunt for covers she doesn’t already have. Pictured is a Dorothy Knapp […]