July 21, 2015
by Douglas Weisz

Dorothy Knapp: Philately & Family Errata

I have found a few errors in my recently published book. Thanks to the many customers who have also pointed out a few. There are a couple on p.27 that are important enough that I thought I would post the revised page here.

page 27

If you click on it, it will get bigger. You can open it in a new tab and magnify it as well. They are a couple caption corrections and an additional clarifying sentence about her possible designs for Weigand.

April 6, 2015
by Douglas Weisz

“The American Stamp Dealer & Collector” published article

Thanks Randy Neil for your generous portrayal of my new book. Dorothy Knapp: Philately & Family.


March 24, 2015
by Douglas Weisz

Press Release Dorothy Knapp: Philately and Family

Front cover2

Dorothy Knapp: Philately and Family – Vividly Imagined Book Comprising 1600+ Images, Showcases Life and Work of Philately’s Most Cherished Cachet Artist

Douglas Weisz’s ‘Dorothy Knapp: Philately and Family’ is the first book dedicated to the history of hand-painted cachet art. Dorothy Knapp is undeniably the most influential force in the craft and in this compelling volume, the story of her envelope art and its messages to the nation are explored and recounted in fascinating detail.

For Immediate Release

Canonsburg, PA – While most are aware of their existence, few people truly understand the history and vibrant imagination behind the nation’s envelope art. For over a century, stamps, covers and their vast array of designs have been used to communicate to people and detail the continuously evolving American story.

No one has been more influential in the nation’s cover art than Dorothy Knapp, a cachet artist whose work has been seen by millions. In his latest book, Douglas Weisz tells the story of Knapp’s life and the powerful influence of her work on the citizens of the United States.

‘Dorothy Knapp: Philately and Family’ is the first book of its kind, and a must-read for any art, Philately and history buff.


Dorothy Knapp: Philately and Family is the definitive biography and complete works of the most famous cachet artist in the history of philately. Envelope art has been utilized for over a century to communicate a public message through the mail system. Every stamp and event tells a story and Dorothy illustrated this in her legendary style within the limited canvas of an envelope.

Over 1600 full color images tell the story of her work of nearly 20 years. The collection of these works uncovered unsolved mysteries about her relationships with others in the industry and identification of her unsigned work. Journals, letters, interviews and family photos tell her personal story and how her life translated into this remarkable body of work.

“While Dorothy Knapp might not be the first name that springs to mind in the art world, her work has majorly influenced generations of artists who present their designs on envelopes,” explains Weisz, whose company stocks the largest traveling inventory of fine U.S. philatelic material. “Thousands of collectors have examples of Knapp’s first day covers in their collections, and this book explains the entire backstory of these covers, their creator, and her life.”

Continuing, “My research shows that this is also the first book to be published about hand-painted cachet art. You certainly don’t need to be into the hobby to enjoy the book – it’s a vital addition to the collection of anyone who documents art history, American history or for anyone involved in the worlds of collecting and Americana. You’ll marvel at how influential this woman was and still is!”

With the book’s popularity expected to increase, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

‘Dorothy Knapp: Philately and Family’ is available now: http://douglasweisz.com/book.

About the Author:
Douglas Weisz collected stamps and first day covers as a boy in rural Hartland, Illinois, although his career in philately began later in life, after having been a pharmacist, a professional pastry chef and a restorer of fine 18th century furniture. He currently divides his time between his home in southwestern Pennsylvania with his wife, Miriam, and the road, where they both enjoy a semi nomadic existence attending philatelic shows countrywide. He has been a full time dealer in first days, events, early flight covers, and postal history for nearly 20 years. This is his first book.

Contact: Douglas Weisz / 773-914-4332 / weiszcovers@yahoo.com

March 12, 2015
by Douglas Weisz

Glowing review of my new book from Eldon Mohler

Hi Doug,

I received your Dorothy Knapp book this afternoon. I am absolutely thrilled by it. It’s gorgeous! It is the most stunning cover book I have ever seen. I have spent over an hour skimming through every single page. I really appreciate the human interest information included about Dorothy and her family (and dog). I read the poems and some of the other text, and scanned through all of the cover photos. Everything is top notch. I recognize a number of the covers as being in my collection. I am now excited about going through my Knapp covers and identifying them with your numbering system. I’m thinking that your numbering will end of being the “Bible” for Knapp covers.

Thank you for sending me this superb book. I will certainly treasure it. I will be spending a lot more time carefully reading all the introductory material and, of course, the cover photos. My wife saw your book, and she wants to read about Dorothy and family, and she usually has practically no interest in covers.

I knew you had been a pharmacist, but I did not know you were a professional pastry chef and that you restored fine 18th century furniture. I’m glad to learn that.

I eagerly await your second book!



March 20, 2012
by Douglas Weisz

Collect First Day Covers Issued On Your Birthday

Miriam and I both have stamps that where issued on the day we were born. Miriam was born 4/29/64 and collects every cachet of the John Muir issue. She’s been at it for years and has a really nice collection and enjoys the hunt for covers she doesn’t already have. Pictured is a Dorothy Knapp add-on for her issue that she is pretty desperate for. The image came to me as I am writing a book on Dorothy and one of my clients owns this cover. Miriam was in my office one day as I was working on the book and happened to see the image. She would have seen it someday but I was immediately charged with finding her another!

My issue, somewhat appropriately given my profession, is the City Mail Delivery stamp of 10/26/63. I don’t collect it. Collectors make terrible dealers. This is a great way, however, to create a nice FDC collection of your own. Even if you don’t have one on the exact day you were born, you can collect the right day and month from various years. You could even search for postal history from your birthday.


March 15, 2012
by faudo

Newly designed U.S. cover philatelic website

I want to thank Lauren Gray and Rob Stinogle for all their hard work on my new website. It’s a long time in coming and light years ahead of my dowdy self made Frontpage website I created so many years ago. This website works on a variety of hardware and browser types. It really reflects our style and hopefully the information contained within will be helpful to all levels of interests.

The newest feature of my website is this blog. With all the traveling to look at cover collections and attending stamp shows I don’t have a lot of time to write. I do hope to fit in latest news of acquired collections and great discoveries. I would like to share ideas about how to promote and continue to grow our clubs and shows. It would be great to share new websites that I have discovered here as well. Anything you would like me to discuss here? What do you think our new site?